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Corporate News|Interview with TV Station: Dongda Environmental Air Purification Products Continue to
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       Recently, Dongda Environment, as a representative of outstanding enterprises, has been specially interviewed by the TV station.
       In an on-site interview in the environmental inspection workshop of Dongda, the vice president of production of our company gave a detailed introduction to the reporter of a newly developed fresh air purification machine to the reporter of the TV station, and briefed the reporter that our company is cooperating with Zhejiang University. The core material of the fresh air purifier-PTFE hollow fiber membrane is upgraded and optimized, so that the fresh air purifier maintains a more stable performance and more effectively extends its service life.
       Afterwards, the reporter visited the exhibition hall with our vice president of sales.
Sales of Dongda's environmental air purification products continue to rise
       We devote ourselves to research and development of new products, actively expand domestic and foreign sales markets, and carry out online and offline promotion. With advanced technology and excellent quality, we have maintained sales of air purification products in the environment affected by the epidemic this year in all industries. Straight up.
       The Jesfer series of fresh air purifiers independently developed by our company use membrane technology, the world’s first use of membrane technology, the filter element has no consumables, no replacement, long service life, dust holding capacity up to 30-50 times that of traditional filters, and PM2.5 removal rate 99.9%, the maximum fresh air volume is 80-600 cubic meters per hour, which can purify indoor air at the same time, and has the dual function of fresh air + purification.
       Among them, the Jasper membrane method constant oxygen fresh air blower has become standard equipment on many campuses such as Zhuji Middle School, Huanjiang Preschool Education Group Chengxi Diocese, Jinan Primary School, Huangshan Town Kindergarten, etc., creating a healthier learning environment for Xinxin students.
       In the future, we will further strengthen the technical research and development of fresh air water purification products, actively explore and innovate, continuously improve and improve, and create a higher quality and healthy life for users with better products.
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