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What are the reasons for the failure of the EDI membrane block of the ultrapure water equipment
Author:Dongda Environment Time:2020-12-23 Clicks:86
       The EDI module of the ultrapure water equipment can further process the effluent of the reverse osmosis system to make the effluent reach the final effluent standard. There will also be some failures in the EDI module. So what are the reasons for the EDI module failure of the ultrapure water equipment Point?
       1. The EDI membrane block runs under the condition of high current and lower than the rated flow for a long time, and the heat accumulated on the side of the electrode plate cannot be effectively dissipated, causing the diaphragm and the screen of the EDI close to the two poles to heat and deform first, and the EDI concentrated water pressure difference If it increases, the water quality and quantity will decrease, and it will cause carbonization and leakage.
       2. The EDI membrane block has not been cleaned and maintained for a long time, the EDI membrane and channel are fouled, the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet water increases, and the quality of the produced water decreases, the current cannot be adjusted, and the voltage rises.
       3. The ultrafiltration system controls the residual chlorine and other oxidants improperly, and the EDI oxidant is excessively introduced, which causes the EDI resin to break, block the water production channel, and reduce the water volume.
       4. The use of improper cleaning and disinfection directly causes the EDI resin to break, and the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet water increases, resulting in a decrease in the quality and volume of the water produced.
       5. When the EDI system is running manually, it is powered on in a water shortage state, which directly causes the heating and carbonization of the diaphragm and resin, and the cleaning is invalid and unusable.
       6. ??There is no security filter before the EDI water enters, or the pipes and water tanks are not thoroughly cleaned during installation, which causes foreign objects to block the EDI channel and increase the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet water, resulting in a serious drop in water production and ineffective cleaning.
       7. The product is unqualified when leaving the factory, and it has been used for a period of time with unexplained water leakage.
       8. The current and voltage exceed the rated value or human error operation.
       9. The process design of the system is improper and does not meet the conditions of use of EDI.
       10. Improper system maintenance and management, and failure to comply with EDI conditions of use.
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